Standard PLUS 5-Key Vault

Turn your self-custody into a stronghold

Ready to manage more assets on your own? Add more keys to your vault for greater resilience.

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digital Self-custody

Get more robust security for more complex needs

Secure holdings with a 5-key vault
Can replace up to 2 keys at a time
Keep your current 3-key vault
Up to 4 new subaccounts
Support via email (responses within 24 hours)
Grant inheritance access to a Recipient
Use multiple device types
Added geographical protection

Casa membership plans



Everything in Free tier plus:

3-key vaults for both BTC and ETH

Secure USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT)

Guided replacement for lost or stolen keys

Relay options for ETH vaults (Casa Relay or Pay Wallet Relay)


Standard Plus


Everything in Standard tier plus:

5-key vaults for BTC and ETH

Optional subaccounts and vaults

*Does not include:

Welcome package with Faraday bags, hardware devices, labels and a tamper-evident bag (purchased separately)

Free hardware device replacement

Shared accounts

Video verification for security-related account actions

1-on-1 support calls (purchased separately)


Private Client

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Everything in Premium tier plus:

Optional 6th key on all vaults

Specialized advisory services

Digital asset inheritance planning

Individual consultations with Casa advisors


Built for long-term holders

More secure than a 3-key vault

Security is about resilience. With 5 keys, you have more room for error because you can replace up to 2 lost or stolen keys.

Organize assets how you want

Our subaccounts help you manage different buckets of assets, whether you’re separating KYC and non-KYC or keeping track of family savings.

Protect assets from natural disasters

Broader key distribution can stop physical device threats from fires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and other disasters.

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Is a 5-key vault right for you?

Savvy investors comfortable with hardware wallets
Investors who prioritize personal sovereignty
Individuals and families with at least $100,000 in holdings
Individuals living in regions prone to natural disasters
Frequent travelers with multiple residences
Individuals who would like to add extra redundancy to their self-custody setup
THE ultimate PLAn

Want live video support, shared accounts, and more?

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