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Secure your ethereum with peace of mind

With Casa, you can safely take self-custody, the best way to secure crypto. Set up a multi-key vault and never worry about your ETH again.

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ETH protection you can count on

A lot can go wrong in web3. Casa makes it easy to hold your ETH in cold storage, so you don’t have to trust an exchange or browser extension to keep your money safe.

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Better protection than a single device

Casa uses multiple keys and multiple devices, so a lost key doesn’t mean lost crypto. Protect your ETH from hacks, accidents, and exchange failures.

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Your crypto security team

Our team of Casa advisors always has your back. Get help with setting up new devices, replacing a key, and answering all your security questions.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Casa different from other ETH wallets?

Security is about balancing protection and convenience. Most ethereum wallets only have one key and frequently store it either online or with a custodian. This creates a single point of failure for hacks and accidents. Casa’s ETH vault design uses multisig (multisignature) scripts, which will allow you to protect your ETH with multiple keys. That way, you can have peace of mind that your assets are safe.

Can I store my stablecoins, ERC-20 tokens, or NFTs with Casa?

No, you can secure only ETH and/or BTC with Casa at this time. We are taking a thoughtful and strategic approach about what we choose to build with respect to ETH-related assets, and we are carefully evaluating what aligns with our technology and our privacy and security standards.

Why is ETH self-custody important?

You need your keys to sign transactions, and you need to store them effectively so no one else can use your ETH. With Casa, it’s safe to take self-custody of your ETH.

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