Protect your bitcoin the way it should be

Secure your BTC and other assets with a 5-key vault with Casa Premium, and set up inheritance for a once-in-a-lifetime transfer. Suggested for holdings greater than $100,000.

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Bring the family: 
Add inheritance to your vault

Bitcoin is generational wealth. Casa Inheritance helps you keep it in the family. Share vault access with a Recipient and set the stage for your legacy. 

professional self-custody

Advanced asset protection for individuals and families

Secure BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT
5-key vault
Grant inheritance access to a Recipient
Guided replacement for up to 2 lost or stolen keys
Share your account with someone you trust (optional)
Video onboarding and support for sensitive actions
Welcome package including 3 hardware devices
Create up to 4 subaccounts
multi-KEY protection

Give your assets a self-custody fortress

Our 5-key vaults are protected with multiple physical and digital keys, the industry standard for securing digital assets. Access video support from our on-call team of Casa advisors for all sensitive account actions.


Share your vault with a loved one

With Casa Premium, you and loved one can create a shared account to co-manage assets here and now and set up inheritance access for the future.

Best-in-class SERVICE

Help is just a call away

Our advisors will walk you through all the steps of self-custody in your customized onboarding, and we will be standing by with 24/7 emergency assistance.

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The Ultimate plan

Securing generational wealth?

As a Casa Private Client, you can create an advanced inheritance plan with enhanced verification and bespoke advisory services.
*For U.S. residents

Private Client
The advanced plan

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