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Is self-custody right for me?

Taking self-custody of your bitcoin and crypto comes with a lot of benefits. Are you ready to be your own bank? Find out!


Or call +1 (267) 369-0365 to connect with a Casa advisor today.


What is self-custody?

More privacy
No custodial risks
Complete control
Trustless interactions

Should you want to be your own bank?


How does Casa make self-custody easy?

From onboarding and funding your vault to replacing a lost or stolen key, a Casa expert is there to guide you every step of the way. It's never been easier to take self-custody of your bitcoin and other digital assets, and Casa has a plan for every investor.


Get started on your self-custody journey

Or call +1 (267) 369-0365 to connect with a Casa advisor today.

Frequently asked questions

Although Casa is one of few, it isn’t the only self-custody, multisig private key manager. Why do so many people choose Casa?

With Casa by their side, people can feel secure in the knowledge that they are protecting their assets correctly. Casa protects bitcoin, ethereum, and dollar-pegged stablecoins with multiple keys, each stored in a separate place for extra protection.

Most of all, members put tremendous value in having one-on-one access to the expert team of Casa advisors. Having help just a phone call away matters when you need it most.

How does Casa protect my assets?

Casa believes taking self-custody through multi-key (multisig) vaults is the safest option to avoid custodial risks. However, other self-custody apps and products seem to be difficult to use or understand. Fear of “messing up” or human error is common while protecting your own funds through other self-custody products.

Casa members get peace of mind by having the best of both worlds - being in complete control of their funds, while also having the security and support of Casa to walk you through any difficult or technically complicated situations. 

Not only does Casa offer best-in-class support but also a security model that protects your digital investment against hacks, theft, loss, and other accidents (such as a lost or compromised hardware device).

Casa’s security model uses multi-key (multisig) vault security. Casa protects bitcoin, ethereum, and dollar-pegged stablecoins with multi-key vaults. Vaults require multiple signatures from separate devices each stored in a different location to move funds.

Security options range from a 3-key to a 6-key vault. With a 3-key vault, 2 of 3 keys are needed to access funds. With a 5-key or 6-key vault, 3 keys are needed to access funds. Casa will also hold one of these keys for you for additional peace of mind. For example, if one or more keys (for example a hardware device or mobile phone) are lost, stolen, or compromised, Casa can help you access your assets so they aren’t lost forever.

It’s been estimated that more than 4 million BTC has been lost. We want to make sure Casa members are never a part of this statistic.