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What does Casa offer?

Frequently asked questions

How risky are custodians (Coinbase, Gemini, BitGo etc )? 

In our opinion, the risk of holding coins with a trusted third party is unacceptably high for users with large balances. Here are some reasons to avoid them: Many online services have suffered from hacks and internal theft that resulted in lost funds. They are a target under constant attack by clever attackers from all over the world. Users of well-known online services are prime targets for phishing attacks. Finally, a custodial storage service has the ability to deny you access to your funds.

How does Casa make self-custody simple?

Casa helps members secure their crypto without wondering if they’re doing it right. As a member you can enjoy complete control over your digital wealth with professional-grade security and best-in-class support always there when you need it. No technical skill required, Casa offers personal one-on-one onboarding as well as 24/7 emergency assistance. It’s that easy.

How does Casa protect my assets?

Casa believes that taking self-custody through multi-key (multisig) vaults is the safest option to avoid custodial risks. However, other self-custody apps and products seem to be difficult to use or understand. Fear of “messing up” or human error is common while protecting your own funds through other self-custody products.

Casa members get peace of mind by having the best of both worlds - being in complete control of their funds, while also having the security and support of Casa to walk you through any difficult or technically complicated situations. 

Not only does Casa offer best-in-class support but a security model that protects your digital investment against hacks, theft, loss, and other accidents (such as loss of a hardware device).

Casa’s security model uses multi-key (multisig) vault security. Casa protects BTC and other digital assets with multi-key vaults. Vaults require multiple signatures from separate devices each stored in a different location to move funds.

Security options range from a 3-key to a 6-key vault. With a 3-key vault, 2 of 3 keys are needed to access funds. With a 5-key or 6-key vault, 3 keys are needed to access funds.  Casa can also hold one of these keys for you for additional peace of mind.  For example, if one or more keys (for example a hardware device or mobile phone) are lost, stolen, or compromised, Casa can help you access your assets so they aren’t lost forever.

It’s been estimated that more than 4 million BTC has been lost. We want to make sure Casa members are never a part of this statistic.