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Secure your BTC and other crypto from theft, hacks, and accidents with expert support always close by when you need it. No technical skill required.

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Wondering if a Casa membership is right for you?

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Casa Premium combines professional-grade crypto security with self-custodial vaults, so your funds are secure.

Finally, help from a real expert is just a call away

From onboarding and funding your vault to replacing a lost or stolen key, Casa advisors are there to guide you every step of the way. Yearly one-on-one security reviews and emergency support give Casa members the ultimate peace of mind.


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Frequently asked questions

Although Casa is one of few, it isn’t the only self-custody, multisig private key manager. Why do so many people choose Casa?

With Casa by their side, people can feel secure in the knowledge that they are protecting their assets correctly. Casa protects bitcoin and other digital assets with multiple keys, each stored in a separate place for extra protection.

Most of all, members put tremendous value in having one-on-one access to the expert team of Casa advisors. Having help just a phone call away matters when you need it most.

What type of investor becomes a Casa Premium member?

Casa Premium members value superior security and typically have large holdings. Members with no technical knowledge put tremendous value on having access to Casa advisors. Members with technical expertise are astonished and put at ease by the expansive knowledge of the Casa team. Some Casa Premium members choose to create shared accounts* so that they can co-manage their assets with a trusted partner, which can act as a simple legacy plan.*

*For U.S. residents