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Casa protects your bitcoin and ethereum, even after you pass away. As a Private Client, you can prepare a Casa Inheritance Plan for a safe transfer to your heirs.*
*For U.S. and Mexico residents

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Personal inheritance plans for BTC and ETH

Total control over your wealth

Inheritance through Casa begins with a secure digital vault. This protects your assets from theft and accidents, and it ensures you control access to your funds now and in the future.

Secure wealth transfer

We provide options for aligning your Casa Inheritance Plan with your estate plans, so your heirs get access to your bitcoin and/or ethereum holdings.

Support for when it matters most

Our team of advisors bring comfort and clarity to the process of crypto asset transfer, so your family can have peace of mind during an otherwise difficult time.

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Frequently asked questions

How does inheritance planning with Casa work?

First, we help you set up a secure digital vault to protect your BTC and/or ETH. When the time comes, we’ll work with your Recovery Custodian to transfer your assets simply and securely to your heirs. Upon your death, we’ll guide your chosen Recovery Custodian through the entire transfer process and continue to help them secure the assets. Questions? Contact us.

Why do I need a crypto inheritance plan?

There’s a distinction between inheriting crypto and inheriting other assets. Because crypto assets are secured with private keys, access to those keys has to be considered when arranging a crypto inheritance plan. As your personal key manager, Casa helps you make inheritance arrangements and secure your assets in the meantime, whether you’re passing on BTC, ETH, or both.

What assets are eligible for an inheritance plan with Casa?

Casa offers bitcoin and/or ethereum inheritance at this time. As we continue to monitor broader innovation in the crypto space, we will prioritize assets and protocols that meet our security standards.

How can I purchase an inheritance plan with Casa?

Bitcoin and ethereum inheritance planning is available to U.S. and Mexico residents through our Private Client plan, alongside complete asset protection and best-in-class services designed to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. To get started, contact us.

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