Your introduction to self custody

Send and receive BTC and other digital assets with a single key. Download the Casa app for free, and start learning about self-custody today.

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welcome to self-custody

Store small amounts of your crypto.

Secure and receive bitcoin or ethereum
Key stored in your device’s secure enclave
Email support
Encrypted backup to iCloud, Google Drive, or QR code
Free to download

A simple mobile wallet for beginners

When you’re just getting started in crypto, you need an initial way to take control of your assets. Our app comes with one free key, so you can send and receive crypto right away.

day-to-day use

Your new crypto payment app

Looking for an easy way to carry crypto for everyday transactions? Our pay wallet allows you to hold bitcoin and ethereum for easy spending.

more keys, more security

Upgrade your security anytime

Single-key mobile wallets are a temporary solution. Keep your long-term holdings safe and protected with Casa's essential multi-key vault. Together, your pay wallet and your vault give you the full functionality and security you need.

the essential plan

Secure against hacks, theft, and accidents

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