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Simple, secure wallet for BTC and ETH

Leaving your crypto on an exchange is risky. The Casa app gives you complete control of your digital assets so that you can easily manage, send, and receive funds securely. 

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Say goodbye to risky custodians


We've all heard that storing funds on an exchange is risky. Exchanges have been hacked, keys to send funds have been lost, and authorities have even seized assets. If you want to protect your funds, taking self-custody is the safest way.

The Casa app makes it easy to take self-custody of your digital assets.

Secure, send, and receive bitcoin or ethereum

Key stored in your device’s secure enclave

Encrypted backup to iCloud, Google Drive, or QR code

Email support from a real person with expertise

You, and only you, have access and control over your funds

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Take your security up a notch

If you plan on securing larger amounts of crypto for any length of time, we recommend Casa’s Standard plan for multi-key vault protection. A multi-key vault provides you with greater security, so one lost or compromised key doesn’t mean lost funds. Never worry about your crypto again.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Casa Pay and how do I set it up?

Pay allows you to sign and send transactions using just your mobile device. To set up Casa Pay:

1. Tap the "Pay" tab from the bottom menu.
2. Tap on the Pay card.

And that's it - Casa Pay is ready.

How is it backed up?

The Pay key is generated and stored within the secure enclave of your personal mobile device and backed up to your device's default cloud service. No need to write down a seed phrase.

If you're using an iPhone, the Pay key is backed up to iCloud. If you're using an Android phone, it is backed up to Google Drive.

In order for the Pay key to be backed up automatically, you need to be signed into your Apple (if you're using an iPhone) or Google (if you're using an Android phone) account in the system settings of your device.

At no point does Casa ever have access to your key, and since the backup is encrypted, your cloud storage provider can't access your key either.

What if I get a new phone?

If you get a new phone and want to restore the Pay key, simply log into the Casa app on your new phone, and restore the key from backup. As long as you're signed in to the same Apple or Google account on the new phone as when you first set up the key, you're good to go.

What happens to my BTC/ETH if my phone is lost, stolen, or hacked?

Losing a phone can be a very unfortunate and stressful situation.

As a free Casa app user, if your phone is lost or stolen you can sign into the app on a new device to access the encrypted backup key from the cloud. 

But what if your account has been hacked or compromised? Upgrading to Casa's Standard plan includes vault security for greater peace of mind that your funds are protected in the event of loss, theft, or accidents.