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Casa API

Add self-custody to your tech stack

Connect user bitcoin and ethereum wallets without taking asset custody risk. View balances and securely deposit to Casa in one click, all with a few lines of code.

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Securing crypto just got easier

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Connect user wallets, never touch the keys

We’ve all heard the stories of developers and companies who built great software, only to lose user funds due to poor key management. Our API allows you to connect your users’ BTC and ETH while they maintain control of their keys.

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Click to deposit, no more copy and paste

Say goodbye to triple-checking receive addresses. Our Deposit to Casa feature provides your users with the ability to click one simple button to send BTC and ETH to their Casa wallets.

Image showing you click one button and your funds will be successfully deposited to Casa.

Lean into digital autonomy

Our View Balance feature allows you to provide your end users with secure visibility into their BTC and ETH balances, so they can be their own bank wherever they go.

Orpheus and WalletConnect

Audit crypto wallets with ease

If your client has BTC and ETH, you no longer have to take their word for it. With Casa’s bitcoin and ethereum wallet API, you can connect a wallet to your dashboard and share visibility with institutions, lenders, and financial advisors.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Casa API keep digital assets safe?

When a user holds assets with Casa, their private keys are held in secure cold storage, and no one can spend from their wallet without those private keys. Keys generate addresses that are publicly stored on the blockchain. Similar to a node, the Casa API processes calls for this data without ever revealing private keys.

Does the API provide xpubs?

The Casa API does not reveal extended public keys (xpubs) for privacy reasons. When an extended public key is disclosed to a third party, that party can view every address and on-chain transaction in the wallet forever. The Casa API allows users to check balances and sweep funds into cold storage without sharing xpubs, and you can enable or disable access at any time.